The FORUM PULIRE project was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a much needed new opportunity for reflection, in alternate years with the ISSA PULIRE event.

FORUM PULIRE is an interactive vehicle for the services segments, which come together every two years to share the rules of a modernization process that sees us directly involved.

For self-evident and obvious reasons, and most of all because of our desire to guarantee absolutely safe conditions, we redesigned the event in order to grant its realization.

The Forum Pulire Digital Event is conceived to digitally recreate the experience of a physical congress, taking the meeting to a digital location and offering access to industry knowledge by participating in the congress through a variety of channels for interaction.

In its new guise, the Forum Pulire Digital Event continues to be the place for the integrated services sector to meet and exchange views, gaining knowledge, inspiration, experience and insights. The themes are reinterpreted from a philosophical, historical and anthropological perspective which weaves through the threads of the social fabric to discover the weaknesses and deficiencies in our existence.

The collective exercise reminds us to defend our most essential values and guides us on a quest for quality.


The watchword behind the event themes and activities over the years has been “Cleaning as an Absolute Value”.

Never has it been more vital to meet and share with our challenges, celebrate our achievements and recognize the importance of sectors like professional cleaning and integrated services, which are as strategic as they are crucial in our lives.

In this edition, we aim to share the contributions made in the past few years, including the invaluable knowledge, energetic interest, and contagious enthusiasm generated over these recent years and move the stone over the hurdle. The intent is to shape new behaviours and build new inspirations and new knowledge.
will focus on important topics, significant issues, and powerful developments which will help us understand and plan the best next course of action.