The Topics

Ethics and Environment

The extreme exploitation of natural resources isn’t just dangerous for the delicate balance of ecosystems on a local and global scale; it is something that requires urgent, collective action. We are coming up with ways of designing a system of rules for relationships and new production models for goods and services with the desire being to reweave a new social and moral fabric.

Health and Prevention

These are words that have been mentioned again and again in recent months. Health is an essential right for individuals and society, and it is an absolute priority in the administration of public affairs. Prevention means putting conscious, effective practices into place that help in protecting us from infectious and non-infectious diseases and their complications.


This is the perceived quality of things that inspires certain feelings. An experience that involves our senses especially,to which we attribute something positive and that always inspires a sense of pleasure. We look to recognized, universal examples to try to understand the rules that govern our ability to recognize beauty, and our ability to preserve and recall the joy of it.

Innovation and Technology

In the age of the Internet, smartphones, robotics and 3D printing, it is easy to confuse innovation and technology, just as it is easy to use the word innovation as a synonym of the future. However, we often overlook how the theme of innovation doesn’t just have to do with our elegant devices, machines of all kinds, and, most of all, we don’t understand how innovation has more to do than just with the future, our near future. It is more a universal human value that has always existed, at least from the times of the birth of man.