Over the past few years, FORUM PULIRE has represented an exceptional opportunity for cultural growth. We have learned and now understand the importance and magnificence of Giotto.

We’ve come to understand the reasons for his modernity, the value of his cultural revolution, the extraordinary ability to go beyond the conventions and develop a new language. A different representation, including of the life of St. Francis who appears before our eyes as an example of rare beauty but also wins over the visible world, real terrain, composed of objects, people, environments, the natural world, and emotions. 

One of the themes selected for this year’s edition is “Beauty”.

The experience is intimate, personal and private and produces a positive emotional content. In its deepest sense, beauty generates a place for reflection in our subconscious which enlightens us about the significance of our existence in the balance of nature and generates a sense of pleasure and energy. 

Over the two event days, we will enjoy the beauty that the great masters of poetry, music, and art have left for us. We will do it with the help of our exceptional travelling companions who will guide us along a journey through beauty. 

We presume to believe that beauty can influence the work we do every day.

We hope that looking for beauty in our day to day activities can enrich our work and our lives.

Alongside the topic of beauty that embodies the emotional contents, we will talk about Ethics and Environment, Health and Prevention, Innovation, and Technology.
The two days will be intensive and exciting ones.